Detective Pat Norelli knows a murder when she sees it. So when officials label a recent case a suicide, she puts her job and pending promotion on the line to prove it.

Soon, two prime suspects show up murdered. Or are they also "suicides"?

Getting closer to the truth, she suddenly finds herself in the trap of a pathological serial killer.
COMING: 7.3.20
Family man & world-famous Chef Michael Rogan has a life as picturesque as his view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Life is perfect.

Until an old army buddy, now Warden at San Quentin prison, drifts in from the past with an odd request. He'll release his estranged father from Death Row in exchange for one small favor.

Michael declines.

Suddenly, his brother is found murdered in the freezer of Michael's restaurant--with his prized Chef knife buried in his brother's chest.

Charged with murder and facing his father's same nightmarish confinement, Michael must find the killer who set him up, and decide how far he is willing to go to regain his freedom.
coming: 9.3.20
New York City is about to be blown sky high. And the Mayor's daughter is the bomb.

In Central Park. In broad daylight. Mayor Lucas Burton's only child has been kidnapped. Wife Clare is scared, impatient and won't wait for help.

So she calls on her ex, and retired government assassin, Carter Matheson to handle matters.

Full of family drama, political intrigue, not to mention a ruthless killer and invisible opponent, Carter must find the kidnappers and disarm the bomb, or risk losing thousands of lives...and one very important little girl.
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